Agent Carter Reviews Agents of SHIELD- Melinda

Here we are again looking over the agency I started, once the SSR, now SHIELD. It has become a bit of a mess recently- it’s still fighting alien remnants, rogue technologies, ‘Powered’ people and a splinter within the organization. I must say I look forward to learning more about Agent Melinda May.

SHIELD Agent Melinda May in much happier times. Who can blame her?

SHIELD Agent Melinda May in much happier times. Who can blame her?

We visit May’s past and we see happier times with her ex-husband, Andrew. It’s several years ago, when she and Agent Coulson were partners looking for Powered people. This seems to be right before Howard’s boy, Tony, came out as Iron Man. Coulson mentions the Avenger Initiative. They are looking for a young blonde woman, Eva Belyakov, in Bahrain.

In current times, New SHIELD is looking for Coulson and following Fitz. I do find this tracking of Fitz after claiming to release him freely, goes against this New SHIELD openness. Bobbi and Weaver are discussing how dangerous Coulson is, what Theta Protocol is (which seems to be code for a Specials program) and how to proceed. May is listening and trying hard to defend Coulson. He and Fury were worried about Indexed people landing in government custody. I believe we have seen how that may go wrong, so I assuredly agree. May does seem to try not to give away the game either.

Jaiying trains Skye to move mountains. Literally!

Jaiying trains Skye to move mountains. Literally!

Skye is with Jaiying, who is looking to train her. She encourages Skye to listen to the frequency of the things around her and shift them. She tries this with a rock, but the frequency of the rock is overpowered by a mountain. Jaiying tells her not to be afraid of her power. And Skye creates an avalanche. Truly if I had this power at my disposal…

In the past, we see our team have tracked Belyakov in Bahrain. Coulson approaches to see if they can talk her in. She seems to be uninterested and in fact, has friends with guns. She wants ‘his pain’. Coulson asks if he can give her something to help. May guards them, feeling quite nervous about the situation. Alas, things do not work out. Belyakov runs off with her criminal friends with a child hostage and shooting someone.

Skye and Jaiying return to the compound. Jaiying tells Skye to rest and Lincoln brings her lunch. He mentions that Jaiying is in charge of the Specials program and has never trained anyone before.

Bobbi and May are on a jet heading somewhere. Bobbi is chatting with May about Coulson keeping secrets and trying to get her to the new SHIELD side. But…

In the past, Coulson and May are discussing what to do next, They make contact with the criminal group with Belyakov but to no avail. Their SWAT team says they must take over next. They are the calvary sent to save the day. I do appreciate that everyone knows their jobs and performs them admirably.

Gordon and Lincoln try to comfort Raina.

Gordon and Lincoln try to comfort Raina.

Gordon, Lincoln and Raina are gathered in Raina’s quarters. Gordon is trying to help Raina, but Raina is feeling trapped and having nightmares. Lincoln attempts to offer a few words of kindness but Gordon rudely tells him to stay out of it. Odd, is there some division of people in Afterlife? Raina seems jealous of young Skye. The fellows encourage her to stick it out with them.

Coulson and May, in the past, watch their team stop functioning inside the criminal compound. They are quite alone now.

Skye and Jaiying are practicing with water filled glasses. Skye manages to hold the notes for a few moments, then the glasses shatter. Skye feels unsettled. She talks about the horrors of her childhood troubles in foster homes. Jaiying re-emphasizes they will keep her safe and give her a home. Then she reveals her parentage. And Skye is taken aback and then quite happy. Jaiying reveals her past, Skye’s disappearance, her death by Whitehall and the search for her. She explains Cal’s piecing her back together and then going on a rampage. Jaiying says they must keep their mother, daughter relationship a secret. Ah more secrets, I know it is our bread and butter, but I ponder often, if revealing all would just be more functional.

May meets up with Simmons and they discuss if Simmons knew about the Theta Protocol. Simmons did not. And also did not know she was working on Deathlok technology, at the behest of Coulson. He has been rather busy with his secrets.

May heads into the compound, alone.

May heads into the compound, alone.

In the past- May and Coulson discuss going in the building. May goes in. She calls her hubby on the way. It is touching to see they were so close. Coulson puts off the Iranian army with chat about biological weapons. May certainly is a weapon of biology!  She disables two guard and then is confronted with her SWAT team who seem hypnotized saying repeatedly, “I need your pain.” It is extraordinarily creepy, I must say. It is very reminiscent of Dr. Ivchenko’s hypnotic work. May understands that they are being controlled by the woman, so she locks them in the room and goes to find the her.

Today, Simmons and May are looking through old records, trying to track Coulson. They find he’s been spending money for beds and meeting with Andrew. May is concerned about him dealing with uncontrollable ‘powered’ people. Mack comes in and tries to convince them that Coulson is up to bad things, collecting powered people, training them to be an army. May tells Simmons they need to open the Toolbox to make sure that Coulson wasn’t getting in over his head. Simmons prevaricates, knowing of course, the Toolbox is not in her possession.

Raina wants to leave and Gordon tells her she can’t go anywhere public. He encourages her to stay and explore her powers to find how she can use them. She says she will if he will guide her. I sense a hint of the old manipulating Raina now. Beware Gordon! Meanwhile, Skye is trying to understand why Jaiying is helping her. Jaiying relates the story of one other person who recently did as Skye, going through the mist with no training, without following the rules. Ah, it is Belyakov. She stole Terrigen Crystals, transformed and then proceeded to act in destructive ways.

We watch May takes out the criminals and the Belyakov woman. But now we see it wasn’t the mother, it was her little girl, Katia. Jaiying had deemed her to emotionally violitale to be transformed, but Belyakov went against that decision and stole the crystals to transform her daughter. The girl went insane. Jaiying and Gordon tried to prevent the situation from escalating, but arrived too late, so Jaiying felt responsible for the terrible situation that followed. Katia became a force too powerful to deal with and May had to kill her.

Jaiying tells Skye, they can’t break the rules as it is enough that they are familial. The Inhumans know about a mother’s love gone wrong.

In the past we see May fall apart. In the style of May, which seems to mean that she shuts down emotionally and compartmentalizes everything. She transfers into an office job and leaves the Calvary behind. We see how her marriage ended and it’s sad.

Skye has dinner with her home and dad. Is this the first super-powered family we've seen?

Skye has dinner with her home and dad. Is this the first super-powered family we’ve seen?

Skye and Jaiying go to see Cal. Jaiying reminds Skye that Cal went bad for a promise made out of love turned to vengeance. They sit down for dinner and Cal retells the story of her birth. Lincoln walks in and sees that Raina’s dream of Skye at dinner with Cal was a premonition.

In a diner, a guy is banging on the bathroom door. Inside, we see Fitz and he’s accessed Fury’s Toolbox. Troublesome to Coulson, I expect! He finds Coulson’s tablet and checks in with Hunter. Coulson and Hunter are pretty excited to see him. Fitz mentions he stole the Box and is being followed. He needs help losing the agents following him and wants to come ‘hang out’ with the guys. Coulson lets out a smile as Hunter begins to walk Fizz on how to lose a tail.

Dossier Notes:

Of course Coulson arrived early to pick up May. I’d be surprised if the man was ever late.

I must learn how to use a hand dryer to help throw off trackers.

We must all work on our disguise efforts. I find when in Bahrain, it pays perhaps to not look like a government thug in a black suit. Buy a Keffiyeh!

I’m not sure why the name of my agency was changed from a three letter to a six letter acronym, but it is far too much of a mouthful now.

I must learn Fitz’s tricks with DNA. I understand that it is quite a complex biology.