Agent Carter reviews Agents of SHIELD ep. “The Dirty Half Dozen”

Hello- Agent Carter here SHIELD, formerly my SSR, is in a pickle. Different factions, powered people, vengeance and Ward. I’m not sure how things will turn out. Let’s have a look…

Raina wakes from her nightmare

Raina wakes from her nightmare

We see flashing images of destruction and wounded people. Of Gordon. Of Lincoln. Raina wakes from a dream, that is a premonition of destruction. Still, she doesn’t realize what she’s seen. Though she may soon know…

Cal gets back from his Gordon hitchhiked ride and starts yelling for his wife and daughter. This is rude behavior and of course does not consider the impact on Skye. Lincoln is missing. Skye wants to save him. Jaiying tells Cal to calm down and go away. To his room, for now. Gordon comes and reports on Lincoln’s whereabouts. Gordon tries to find Lincoln, but he runs into Hydra and comes back wounded. Raina, watching from the side, sees it’s not a dream, but a premonition.

Coulson and Gonzales chat. About finding Hydra. About fighting Hydra. About secrets and cargo holds. It comes as no surprise to me that Gonzales is a bit of a hypocrite about keeping secrets from his team. Do they strike a deal to stop Hydra? Coulson offers to show him the Toolbox, and keep the secret cargo secret, if he can run his rescue op.

Skye really wants to rescue Lincoln, Jaiying says no. She knows what Hydra does and is not willing to risk more people. Jaiying says Lincoln would understand. Skye doesn’t. SHIELD does not leave people behind. Quite right, Skye.

Deathlok and Lincoln chat about the very same topic of rescue then about escape options and what will happen to them. And a giant bug zapper descends from the ceiling and renders them unconscious.

Bakshi and Dr. Listz discuss the differences between the two captives and begin experiments to compare them. They seem quite interested in DNA.

Gonzales and Coulson chat about all sorts of things!

Gonzales and Coulson chat about all sorts of things!

Coulson and Gonzales have struck a deal! So now it must go before the board. For a vote. I find it quite ridiculous that democracy is being used to make committee command decisions. Really! You set up a command you trust and let it work as it should. And don’t speak to me of not trusting Coulson. Fury trusts him, I picked Fury, I trained Fury. Most infuriating.

Hunter and Fitz chat about Ward and Agent 33 aka Kara while Ward and Kara chat about how they need of SHIELD. Ward wants to complete his promise to Kara. Kara wants to run away with Ward. I am sorry to see such a fine agent all doe-eyed. Especially over someone like Ward, who’s done such awful things. The crew get the green light to join the others.

May is not happy to see Ward. Really not happy. I blame her not one iota. She tells him that he will be guarded and ready to be shot at all times aboard the boat. He skips along like it’s all good. Finally, Coulson and the new SHIELD board discuss rescue plans. The vote is called. It’s split and May’s on the voting team now. May wants a word with Phil before voting.

Fitz and Simmons chat. Simmons is most bloodthirsty now and discusses Splinter Bombing Ward. Fitz seems a bit concerned. I’m torn. Ward certainly deserves it, but in cold blood seems a step too far. But lord does he deserve it.

May and Coulson discuss secrets and how secrets are personal. They discuss Coulson’s trips to see Andrew. Coulson says he was seeing Andrew for counseling. May is not happy with this answer, feeling she should have been informed. Is there no Doctor confidentiality at the top of SHIELD? Especially for a Director?

Gordon and Raina and Skye discuss if Skye should go rescue Lincoln. Raina is quite insistent that Skye needs to go. Raina is feeling like her old self. Her eyes are ablaze with schemes beginning to flow in her mind, I expect. Later we see her preaching to a group on the streets. Not knowing what she is saying, I suspect she was gathering followers. The physical changes she has experienced and hated now make her seem otherworldly, almost like a deity.

Ward and Kara discuss Kara reconnecting with her SHIELD past. Ward says it’s important to fill the memory gaps and understand she was a good agent. Perhaps he truly cares or perhaps he is setting some sort of future trap? He claims to be a free agent, but I have my doubts to his motives.

Bobbi and Gonzales talk about why Bobbi should trust him. He voted to let Coulson go because there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. Gonzales mentions some sacrifices need to be made against honor-less enemies. More and more I look forward to this man being deposed.

Everyone is suiting up in the Bus cargo hold. Then there’s a bump and everyone is ready to jump Ward. But it’s just Skye returning via Gordon. Skye doesn’t want to talk about where she’s been with Ward around. The team comes in to discuss the mission. Ward is asked to explain the Bakshi part of the op. But first he gets into the apologies. No one cares! Ward, no more talking. To people, it just sends the elephant in the room on a rampage.

Cal is pacing in his room. Jaiying invites him to walk. Then invites him to chill in their mountain village until things are sorted out. Jaiying seems to understand things are beginning to happen. She wants Cal’s advice on Raina. He advise keeping an eye on her. Though they “had good times” Raina is manipulative.

Agents Hunter and Mack talk about making things right.

Agents Hunter and Mack talk about making things right.

Hunter goes to hang out with Mack. Who apologizes. Hunter says he’s forgiven. Mack offers a round of drinks and Hunter notes that drink are just the beginning of making things right.

Bobbi goes to check on Kara, who’s getting blood work and other tests. She asks about what Kara remembers and offers support. Kara is grateful for the support and says she would do anything Ward asks. She is creepily into Grant.

Dr. Liszt, and Bakshi chat about the success of things, as well as the failures. The single success seem to only involve “the twins” so far, whoever that is. The radar has detected a blip. The cloakiness of the Bus isn’t helping this time! Liszt tells to shoot it down.

May says it’s time to go. SHIELD HQ watches their plane blow up.

May is ‘Han Soloing’ the QuinJet to look like explosion debris and lands the team safely. They break in and meet Bakshi who gives them the layout of the tech and prisoners. They split up to accomplish their tasks.

Skye whammies the guards with her power. Quite well, I must say. Her powers are improving. She’s been training perhaps? They find Deathlok and learn that Lincoln is in surgery. Jemma is super into doing the right thing and it’s likely it be troublesome. They do find Lincoln. But first we watch a spectacular Skye take apart the guards in surgery.

The other team is in the mainframe room. Coulson is poking around. Looking for a secret… A fact which annoys May, seeing as how this was Coulson’s secret objective. This reminds me of the wonderful story I heard about Agent Romanoff…

Bakashi takes the "bullet" meant for Ward!

Bakashi takes the “bullet” meant for Ward!

Simmons sneaks up to kill Ward and Bakshi steps in and is killed instead. Ward is disappointed in Simmons. He had hoped for forgiveness.

Coulson has been downloading info. The team and rescued people pull out, except for Ward. And Bakshi. They get back to base, while SHIELD bombs the Hydra compound. Ward calls Coulson and tells him to take care of SHIELD. And Kara. He wants Kara to get the help he could not give. Then he hangs up.

In the infirmary Simmons and Fitz tell Deathlok he needs a rebuild. His leg in particular, but they have lined up a good leg man, it seems. Skye is waiting at Lincoln’s beside for him to wake up.

Gonzales and Bobbi chat. Gonzales wanted the powered people all along. He’s thrilled to have two in what he thinks of as his permanent possession now. Fie I say! He’s not much better than Hydra, this Gonzales. Bobbi looks as disgusted as I feel!

Coulson and Gonzales meet. Coulson turns over the now unlocked Toolbox. With the delightful note that he’ll have a short span of time to look at it before Fury comes to claim it. Gonzales looks surprised.

Hill and Coulson catch up, while discussing Loki's sceptor.

Hill and Coulson catch up, while discussing Loki’s scepter.

Maria Hill calls Coulson, after he turns over the Toolbox. They have a laugh about Gonzales and his ‘voting’ procedures. They discuss that Hydra has Loki’s sceptre and that Strucker and Liszt are headed to it. They discuss it’s mind altering properties. They decide it’s time to activate Theta Protocol, which seems to be call the Avengers back into action.

Meanwhile, power-hungry Raina, is threatening Jaiying’s leadership when she’s struck by a vision. The vision is of metal robots and dire consequences.

Dossier notes:

My, but it is refreshing to see so many well turnout out female agents. I may not have handled those Guards near Lincoln the same exact but, but the results would have been similar.

I was under the impression that counseling was under doctor privilege, but May is taking this secret news quite hard. Perhaps because it involves Andrew?

Simmons may be foolhardy, if she sticks to being bullish on her revenge scheme. Always believe her when she promises something! Plus she makes great sandwiches.

Limit your time with Grant Ward, it’ll help your blood pressure!