Agent Carter recaps Agents of SHIELD-Who You Really Are

agentcarter-mugshotAgent Carter here! It’s been a long while since we started the SSR agency, which became SHIELD. Let’s have a look how they’re doing, shall we?

Do not trifle with Lady Sif!

Do not trifle with Lady Sif!

Kids on the beach, what is this an Annette Funicello movie? A lady arises from the sea with an interesting sword. She is in no mood to chat, particularly with eager boys.  Poor thing doesn’t know who she is.

Training is important, but not a team sport!

Training is important, but not a team sport!

Agent May is training the young Skye, who doesn’t want to let loose. Fitz checks on her like a sweet brother. I like this team’s camaraderie. Oh my, those two are quite friendly, Bobbi and Hunter? They certainly stay hydrated through their activities at least. Hunter is thinking of joining the team permanently. He seems useful. And Coulson wants Mac to be a field agent. He wants to argue, but gets interrupted by a report from Portugal.

It appears Lady Sif was looking someone who didn't want to be found!

It appears Lady Sif was looking someone who didn’t want to be found!

Turns out our lady from the sea is looking for ‘Kava’ and the police are smart enough to say they can find him and call SHIELD. So the woman is Lady Sif, a friend of Thor and Asgardian. She smiles at the mention of Thor, perhaps they are very friendly as well? If so, I hope they stay hydrated. One of the good aliens? Interesting we have alien allies as well as enemies. Things are much more complex then my days. Though I must say, those pocket phones, with this internet is quite handy. And people seem so willing to put all kinds of information on it. This is how we learn Lady Sif was fighting an enemy. She enjoys that part. We have this in common!

We still have Mac and Bobbi planning some sort of treachery. I do not like this at all. Believe me, I know how deceptions can tear a team apart. Bobbi wants to bring Hunter in on it, but Mac wants Bobbi to tell Hunter to shove off. Trust and loyalty are too fluid here, I do wish they’d come clean. SHIELD has enough issues, what with losing a lot of the public’s trust.

I believe the current terms for this gentleman is "Smurfy"?

I believe the current terms for this gentleman is “Smurfy”?

There seems to be a lot of running around after this alien fellow; he needs nitrogen to stay pinkish instead of blue. This marks him as a Kree, who are the originators of the alien city, Coulson’s death cure and those giant metal Diviners. Hmm! I went to a lot of trouble to round up those in the world. I’m glad Coulson and his team drowned the city in Puerto Rico and now we find out there’s a box of them? And they’re missing? This is not good at all. Of course Whitehall would have been the one to steal those.

Turns out this Kree fella heard the signal from the Diviner that activated Raina and Skye. Then the Asgardians saw him land and sent Sif to investigate. These devices do bring a large amount of trouble.

Poor Skye, losing control. Again.

Poor Skye, losing control. Again.

They finally capture the guy and Skye nearly loses control. She turns to Fitz for help, who is looking into her DNA hoping to find a cure. The Kree begins to explain how Kree used to created warrior incubation planets with the Diviners. And that now, the Kree would like to, take back all such devices, as they no longer incubate warriors as a matter of ethics.

Excellent, the team protects each other

Excellent, the team protects each other

The Kree and Lady Sif start talking about how dangerous this Kree technology is and in an odd twist of fate, they end up teaming up together to either kill or capture Skye, who can not control her powers. Then a fight ensues. And the SHIELD agents team up to protect their own. I certainly approve of this. When all is said and done, Coulson zaps the Kree with a very large gun. (I hope Dottie never knew about these guns!) and Bobbie zaps him with his little weapon, which zaps his memory.

Lady Sif continues to go after Skye and tracks her and May to this very fancy jail cell. May is trying to get Skye to relax and get control of her quaking powers. Skye is trying but quite understandably she’s a bit stressed out with Sif coming after her. Eventually Skye ices herself, which knocks her out and quells the tremors. Lady Sif realizes that Skye may be dangerous, but she’s not evil, nor did she want these powers, so she entrusts Skye with SHIELD. Reluctantly though.

Oh Fitz. Lying to and not trusting your best friend isn't going to help the team.

Oh Fitz. Lying to and not trusting your best friend isn’t going to help the team.

The SHIELD team seems to be splitting, as Fitz’s teammates accuse him of endangering the rest of the team, by keeping Skye’s secret in the dark. They try to explain they would have reacted differently to their friend Skye, then a known enemy such as Raina. Fitz tries to argue, he understands how she feels as a changed person, while everyone else says she’s far too dangerous to be on the team. Skye overhears this and decides to bunk in the well-built interrogation room for the safety of everyone.

Knocking out your teammates to hide secrets isn't a good idea either!

Knocking out your teammates to hide secrets isn’t a good idea either!

And I am sad to see Hunter confront Mac, demanding to be let in on the secret or go to Coulson, out of love for Bobbi presumably. But Mac gets violent with him. It’s hard to tell if Hunter is dead, since he might be breathing. But either way, this is not a good development.

Dossier Notes:

If you’re interested in training, May will do it, just come back in one hour!

Remember to stay hydrated when exerting oneself.

When all else fails, go to your room and ice yourself.

Secrets can tear any team apart. But then, so can a teammate gaining superpowers.

Learn like an Asgardian! Master languages and alien races as a child! Learn about camouflage quickly! Be understanding of alien values!