Agent Carter: Episode 7- SNAFU

In case you kids didn’t know- SNAFU means Situation Normal, All Fracked Up. Except you know fracked is a 2000’s word! So they may have used a very unladylike word in its place…

Speaking of SNAFU- we open in Russia during World War II, with the good Doctor Ivchenko. He is summoned to use his psychological powers to help a wounded soldier feel no pain. Imagine that perfect day in the park, playing chess with dear mother…Now let’s cut off your leg…

Listen closely to the sound of my voice and ignore the doctors…

Back at the office, the good doctor is observing the interrogation of Peggy Carter. Sousa is laying out the evidence in Peggy’s case, photos of her in the nightclub, witnesses at the dock, the dairy. He’s going on and on about how she’s betrayed him. And there’s all the dead bodies including Agent Kraminski to consider. Agent Carter starts pointing out how they need to catch sweet little Dottie and how she mourned for Kraminski. Of course, the good doctor is behind the scenes, laying nice little eggs of dissent. “She’s such a good liar, Even pathological.’ Sousa takes a coffee break. He should probably try a little camille or lemon zinger to calm down.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.05.13 PM

Hello Peggy, let’s talk!


Thompson walks into the observation room and delivers the news of Youch’s death. The Doctor mentions he seemed a little emotional. Thompson asks why the Doctor is there. To observe of course! The Chief wants to know if you got a problem with that Thompson?! Luckily the Doctor defuses things, saying he’ll go back to Dooley’s office. ‘Cause unfocused people are hard to hypnotize, especially if witnesses are around! Meanwhile Dooley tells Thompson you’re in the batter’s box kid! Turn up the heat and take a swing at Carter! Then It’s a montage of interrogation and protests and deal offers for Stark’s guilt.

Dooley want’s to know about the Battle of Finow, Thompson wants to understand the recent trip to Russia and Sousa wants Peggy to see past Stark’s innocence. Peggy plays hardball telling the boys that she’s nothing more then what they think of her and they can’t see past their own noses. Watch it fellas, the real bad lady is…

Shopping for a baby carriage! Dottie cleans up nicely, especially when she’s undercover as a high society dame looking for something to hold her “bundle of joy”. Creepy! Throw in a pink baby blanket miss! Keep your fingers crossed for Dottie! Because “it” is coming sooner then you think!

Hello, I’m a covert trained assassin shopping for a baby carriage. Things to do!


Thompson is feeling a bit…hmm…? What? Ashamed perhaps that Dooley is likely to ask him to start beating Peggy for a confession? Carter’s all ‘bring it on, you know what I’m capable of.’ Ahh, good old pre-Miranda days. Luckily (or not, your preference!), we may not get to see this as Jarvis strolls his bad ass butler self into the SSR’s ladies operator’s room and requests a meet with Dooley. The head operator readies her pistol, but Jarvis drops the bomb of ‘I’ve got Howard Starks confession here, in this briefcase!’

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.14.33 PM

Stand aside ladies, Jarvis has arrived!


Jarvis, Thompson and Dooley peruse the papers, which seem genuine and include an affidavit of when Stark is landing to turn himself in. All of this is conditional on the complete release of Jarvis and Carter, who is none to pleased to be rescued. It’s Dooley’s turn to play hardball, saying Carter and Jarvis don’t get turned loose until Stark walks into the SSR building. Oh and by the way, you’re fired Peggy! Dooley’s had it with’em both!

She cleans her desk out and has a chat with Jarvis about how annoyed she is that the Stark confession portrays her as a doe-eyed idiot succumbed to the charming Starkishness. Psst! Oh by the way Peggy, Jarvis reveals Stark may not have written that confession. That was just Jarvis feeling panicked! A very irate Peggy points out they will be disappeared until their unpleasant hanging, when Stark doesn’t show up.

Ok, maybe that wasn't a good plan.

Ok, maybe that wasn’t a good plan.

Dooley’s in his office, chatting with his wife on the phone, hoping to make up. Things seem to be going ok, moving in small steps. The Doc is listening and professes happiness to be able to help. Don’t trust the Russian doctor who you’ve only known for two days!

Peggy and Jarvis discuss the merits of a break-out and how she has no more SSR friends. They turn and see Dr. Ivchenko tapping out his morse code with an unknown (I’m sure we don’t know who!) request for evacuation. In 90 minutes!! Luckily we are here at the exact hour to see this! Leviathan is coming and Peggy is ready to confess!

Hey, what's that nice and helpful doctor doing with that window sill.

Hey, what’s that nice and helpful doctor doing with that window sill.

So she starts telling the truth. About what she did and how she saw the doctor morse coding. Dooley doesn’t believe it, but Thompson and Sousa are looking sympathetic. She explains how’s she’s invisible if she’ not carrying someone’s lunch or coffee.’ And she reveals her trump card of Steve Rogers blood vial. She gets a bit emotional about it. Finally, the boys convince Dooley, that it’s at least worth checking out the building across the street.

This looks pretty small to be Steve Rogers.

This looks pretty small to be Steve Rogers.

Dooley goes back in his office tells the good doctor to shut the window and Ivchenko notices agents crossing the street. OOPS. So, he starts working his hypnotist magic and asks Dooley to describe his perfect moment… There’s a family dinner, where he cooks the one thing he can, roast chicken with his beautiful family… We of course are screaming at the TV, hoping to interrupt this mojo but alas…

That roasted chicken isn't real Chief, wake up!

That roasted chicken isn’t real Chief, wake up!

Thompson and Sousa go into the building with the dentist office and a dangerous dame. Back in the home office, Dooley herds Jarvis and Carter into a room and pulls out a gun and locks them in the room. He even breaks the key off in the lock. Then he takes Ivchenko to the science lab to herd all those guys out. The good doctor sets him looking for Item 17! And Ivchenko strolls around like its a shopping mall. At stops at a vest, which reminds me of that Ant-Man trailer. But that could just be me. Maybe it’s just a bullet proof vest. He sets it aside safely. Then crate #17 is found and it’s what the doctor ordered!

Is it Marsellus Wallace's soul?!

Is it Marsellus Wallace’s soul?!

Back across the street, Dottie tries to leave, but Sousa had spotted her before so he comes out behind her with gun drawn. Oh Sousa, she’s setting down her briefcase! Watch out buddy! There’s a fun few minutes where Dotties’s not trying to kill them, but merely get away. She Black Widows her way down the very tall stairwell. (Yes dammit, this is now a verb). She lands at the bottom with Agent #3 pointing his gun. She smiles. Don’t wait for her to smile boys! She’s not a Gibson Girl!

Dottie doesn't need stairs

Dottie doesn’t need stairs

Ivchenko and Dooley are marching out with the crate and briefcase. He hands Dooley the vest, so I guess that’s a weapon not armor! Now Dooley must go be with his family, while Ivchenko waltzes away, admiring his latest hypnotizing job.

Agent #3 is down, sorry we didn’t even get to know you! Thompson calls it in. Ivchenko and Dottie meet on the street. He hops in her car and says they have to test the item before moving to the next phase. Dottie asks about them being compromised, but the good doctor assures he, ‘they’ll be too busy to worry about us.’

Peggy and Jarvis are handcuffed! To the interrogation table! What say we pick up the table and use it as a battering ram? Yes? No? Spray of glass? Spray of bullets? Finally we break the glass and now we are still attached to a table! This is fun dammit! Thompson comes in and Peggy asks where Dooley is.

Shoot, we're still handcuffed to the table.

Shoot, we’re still handcuffed to the table.

He seems to be at home. And feeling confessional about screwing up. About letting Ivchenko go. But he feels pretty careless and just wants to come home. But he can’t. He’s dreaming. In his office. With the door locked. And an explosives vest on. Jarvis is very worried. I think he may miss his next appointment. Peggy calls for the scientists to get the overheating, soon to be explosive, vest deactivated.

Sousa finds the dentist’s body and Dottie’s notes of espionage!  Too late! Now he knows the truth, but well don’t we all?

Poor Dooley is starting to overheat and burn and the scientist can’t do anything. If they tamper with the vest, it makes it worse. So Dooley makes a suicide play, grabs Thompson gun and heads away from the crowd. He warns everyone to not let Ivchenko talk to you, ‘He gets in your head.’ He tells Thompson to give his love to his wife and he tells Peggy to catch the bastard who did this to him. So I guess we’re square. Then, he shoots out the window, jumps out and the vest explodes in mid air, over the street. It’s raining Dooley.

Chief Dooley prepares to make his exist.

Chief Dooley prepares to make his exist.

Sousa comes back to see the mess and Peggy tries to blame herself. Jarvis blames Stark’s ‘bloody inventions’ and then realizes they haven’t laid eyes on the blood vial for a while.

Let’s all go to the movies! Let’s all go to the movies! Oh wait, not when  Dottie and her not so baby, baby carriage. She pushes a button and a gas canister in the carriage begins to emit a greenish substance. She leaves and Ivchenko blocks the door. Let the test begin!

In the science lab, the blood is still there but they discover Item 17 missing. Jarvis doesn’t know what it does. Oh but we learn, in the theater. After a few moments of exposure to the gas, people seem to be getting very cranky. Homicidal in fact. A few moments later, an usher unblocks the door to let some latecomers in, and finds everyone dead.

Not a good day to go to the movies.

Not a good day to go to the movies.

So Dottie and the good doctor know the invention works. You know they’re going to try a larger target in the next episode.

Added to the Dossier

Trust Peggy to tell the truth, catch a killer and protect Steve Rogers blood!

Trust Jarvis to help with moving tables and breaking windows!

Trust Thompson to get the message to your wife!

Trust Sousa to mind the Ps and Qs in any investigation!

Trust Dooley to be a stand up boss and protector of all that is right in the world!

Don’t trust Ivchenko to offer good marital advice!

Don’t trust Dottie with your life!