Monthly Archives: November 2015

Daily Art 326-Time for circus kicks!

Sheala: Must think about circus. Seems easy aside from clowns and unhappy animals??

Brandon: What if the animals run the circus?

Sheala: Ah. I was about to suggest alternative circus. 

Brandon: Putting humans on display? Or an alien circus? Or circus worker poltics!

Sheala: Yes I think anything unusual circus works. Or behind the scenes.

Brandon: What if the matrix is a circus!

Sheala: Ha!

Brandon: Darth Vader at the circus!

Sheala: 😻Ewok clown car??

Brandon: What if Ultron captured the Avengers and put them in a circus?!

Sheala: He’s a terrible ringmaster.

Brandon: He doesn’t think so!


Sheala- Given the red tie as the circus master, Darth Vader found he flourished.  


Brandon- Prepare yourself, true believers, for the wonder, whimsy and WTF of the circus!