Monthly Archives: September 2015

Daily Art 272-Buckle that shoe!

Brandon- Meanwhile, Phil happily admired his wall of “acquired” pens.


Sheala-Shelley was happy to volunteer to watch and report on the security cameras watching the supply closet. Rascal kept her well stocked with pencils and kale drinks. Truth be told she might have a crush… 


Daily 271- have a hot cross bun!


  Almost everyone agreed, Zorro was taking ‘office politics’ too far.


Wanda Wombat-“Shelley, I don’t have time to help you figure out the bathroom situation, I have to find my pens!”

Shelley the Turtle: “Oh I know dear,it’s a terrible thing to have one’s office supplies disappear. I wonder who it is?”

Daily Art 267-Are we gonna get to heaven?



Tiny Bear: I don’t understand, why do I have to get one when it first comes out. Won’t it be the exact same thing two week from now?

Largish Rabbit: BECAUSE.

TB: And why do we even need phones? And don’t we have to give them something for the phones, it’s called money right?

LR: Shh, we’re adorable, that’s all that matters.




Sheala- The real reason Ripley left the cat behind. Jonesy was of no help.