Monthly Archives: August 2015

Daily Art 230-Don’t get shirty!

Brandon-Every morning Rabbit puts on the cooking show to show others the true subtle genius of cooking with carrots. One must release the inner carrot, but gently, else the flavor is destroyed. Become the carrot without BECOMING the carrot.

Sheala- sometimes, if you’re an eagle you catch a meal on the wings of some other bird.

Daily Art 228- ship that freight!

Time for  new theme! This is how it came about:

Brandon:Alright everyone, settle down! Raccoon, stop teasing fox with those grapes. Toad, do NOT give the scorpion a ride. Now settle down everyone, this New Theme meeting is called to order!

Suggestions include: 1. Illustrated quotes 2. Tea/Coffee (how to eat breakfast? 3. Airships/devices/t

Sheala: Hello Boss!

Brandon: Other suggestions welcome!

Sheala: Illustrated quotes over coffee and tea? Airships transporting breakfast?

Brandon: We seems to have a meal idea rolling through. Has everyone eaten a meal that is not another animal?! Or at least do it politely outside?

Sheala: :::squirrel raises hand::: will there be banana nut cake??

Airships powered by coffee!

Fancy breakfast!

Brandon: Squirrel, we talked about the banana nut cake before. If we make some, you have to share!

Fancy breakfast, go on….

The room is listening

Sheala: :::pout::: no sharing!

Shhhh. Squirrel I, rabbit, am talking. I suggest extraordinary breakfast enjoyed perhaps by the folks who eat it, the transporters that get it and any special ways it can be displayed!

(Also bonus points for I, rabbit)

Brandon: Do you mean bonus carrots and lettuce rabbit?

Sheala: Yes!

Brandon: Very well then, enjoy yourself.

Then let it be known that Fancy Breakfast is the new theme!


Brandon-Mittens preferred breakfast on the mountain, above the humans. 



Sheala-the thing about a fancy breakfast is sometimes it’s a hard goal to reach!

Daily Art 226-The cat, it licks.

Brandon-“Look, I don’t care if they don’t have satellite radio, just drive into town and get some snacks before they wake up or this gig ends.”

Sheala- the starfish enjoy watching the Glass Tube Octopi Races.