Monthly Archives: July 2015

Daily Art 191-Art Supplies, of them I need a ton!

Sheala- ‘lil Bot 2A. This guy follows you around the factory watching and listening. He’ll keep tracking things for you and upload them to the Banana OS. It’s like a little personal assistant. 


Brandon- The MK FlashBeam is a highly useful tool for finding all manner of things. Everyone factory worker should have one! Maybe two!

Daily Art 190- Look at this road it’s so winding!

Brandon- The Air Pusher 400XT (Series A) is such a fabulous air conditioner, even the ‘bots enjoy using it. Just as long as there’s scarf around to get the full experience.



Sheala- The sandwich salad wizard. Start a salad or a sandwich here! Press the buttons for your ingredients and watch it woosh onto your bread or in your bowl. Toy in an egg optional.  


Daily Art 189-Drawing is divine!

Brandon-The Deluxe Refresher comes with five flavors and a mysterious sixth flavors made from the others.   

Sheala- The Ground Tester 3000. Walk on stilts and test your ground for pH levels, excess bugs, hidden lava bombs etc.; developed for the Plaid groundskeeper these are useful everywhere!


Daily Art 188- let’s all group skate!

Brandon-In a factory filled with different species, you absolutely need these devices!  

Sheala- in the break room is the Invento-mat. Folks come and get inspired by it. You can select different things like nature, color, industry, mischief and turn the crank and see what pops out from the combos you pick. 


Daily Art 186-and now…more PlaidWorks pix!

Time for a new theme! Put since we’re doing something special at the end of the month/beginning of August, we’re going to continue with a PlaidWorks related theme. Below is the deep thinking that decided upon this topic:


Sheala: Are we doing something today to pick something out for the next topic? Can’t remember if there was a set up. Or what it is!

Brandon: I thought it was fake ads/parts about PlaidWorks

Sheala: Wahahahajaahah. Ok!


That’s how we roll sometimes!


Brandon- This is the Makerthingie 2000, one of the devices that takes in objects and makes them into other objects. Here we see a pear, walking stick and tall glass of water being made. 

Sheala-  The Sound Replacement Gun! Surrounded by terrible noise? Get one of these guns and change all that noise to music! Or cooing doves! Ages 21+

Daily Art 185- America is still alive!

Hello! Welcome to halfway! as in halfway through the year and halfway through this project!

It’s rest Saturday and an American holiday! Here to explain America and things like the 4th of July is the Oatmeal! (click on the photo to see the rest of this awesome comic)

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.47.06 AM

Daily Art 184- quick Marty! Shut the floor door.

Sheala- Jeri, the Flying Monkey Commander in Chief, liked to survey the PlaidWorks domain early in the mornings.




Brandon- Meanwhile, with his fabulous new thinking cap, Dr. Poo contemplates more evil schemes to crush The PlaidWorks factory! His #1 evil henchrat stands by his side, wondering who’s gonna finish that donut.



Daily Art 183-So many things for you and me to see!

Brandon-Rudy the mouse, tuning up S.A.L, while Milton the baby dragon looks on. Yes Rudy looks a little worried, Milton breathes fire, wouldn’t that make you a little nervous?!




Sheala- Warren the rabbit is in charge of the underground tunnels. Here is is reviewing plans with his team.