Monthly Archives: July 2015

Daily Art 212- gobblygook harumph seelve

Sheala-  the squirrels are very speedy with short attention spans. So you have to be careful where you put them. Their Robot repair can yield interesting results! 


Brandon-People may think Marty is clumsy and accident prone, but they don’t know how he spends his nights, carefully watching over the factory!  

Daily Art 211-Down in the drawing heaven

Brandon-Tommy was helping to cut the lawn, giving the sheep a break, but no one told him about the heat. So there he stood, face and hands pressed against the glass, looking inside.   


Sheala-  the cave maintenance crew got a break but their replacements were quite baffled. 


Daily Art 210- Lark! Sparrow! Wren!

Sheala- the moles had good dexterity sure, but they were mostly blind so that didn’t go well in the lab until things got labeled in Braille.   
Brandon-Molly loved racing around the factory, always determined to beat the pneumatic tubes of the mice. The mice just loved the wind in their hair.


Daily Art 209-The root beer is all mine!

Brandon-Marty thought helping with data entry would be a good change of pace, but….  
Sheala-when the baby dragons are off on a spa day the factory can get chilly. One time Marty offered to heat the furnace. Just that one time. They found alternative energy sources after that incident.  


Daily Art 208-Don’t be late for a date!

Sheala-Perkins is a master with the needle and thread of course. But it was decided porcupines just shouldn’t work in the uniform shop because of the ironic pranks.

Brandon-Chet was determined to deal with those pesky ghosts, but perhaps he shouldn’t have gone at it alone? 

Daily Art 207-A cuppa tea is heaven!

Brandon-Rudy thought helping out in the kitchen would be a good change, but he didn’t know about the potatoes.


Sheala-Gigi gave it a good shot trying to learn the monkeys gig. But they could never get the equipment right for someone without thumbs.  


Daily Art 203- Fly fly away be free!

Sheala-The widget shipping department learned quickly that the monkeys were pranksters and it was best not to get help from them! 


Brandon-While crosstraining is a good idea, invariably there’s always a few minor glitches. For instance, the infamous koala-with-monkey-wings-incident. Always read the instructions!