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Oberyn recaps “Hardhome”-episode 8, season 5 of Game of Thrones

Here we are again, looking over all that is occurring in Westerss and Essos. Strange how many lost their lives, their families fighting for the Iron Throne. They’re gone, but it’s still here, ugly and uncomfortable. Why does no one make a throne of cock or tits? That would be something worth fighting for or at least resting against all day.

GoT s05e081

Anyway…Tyrion has made his way (by hook and crook) to Meereen and is before Daenerys (along with Jorah). Finally, I have been waiting to see these two meet and talk. They banter back and forth a bit, with her asking why she shouldn’t kill him and he noting that he’s a great Lannister killer (Ah, Tywin).