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Daily Art 161- OMG! No LTE?! Run!

Sheala-  Albert- the first monkey in space started creating a mecha suit when he realized when no one was coming back for him. 



Brandon-With the advance plumbing of his new mecha, Scooter was to mark his territory much more efficiently.  

Oberyn Martell recaps “The Dance With Dragons,” episode 9, Season 5 of Game of Thrones

Episode nine has arrived! I’ve been wondering how things would go after last episode. Watching the White Walkers kill your friends and then raise them from the dead to fight against you, was a lot to digest. Many bottles and bodies were needed to ease my fears!

Let us see what’s happening in this messed up world…

Things get hot in camp Stannis, thanks to Ramsay Bolton!

Things get hot in camp Stannis, thanks to Ramsay Bolton!

In the North, Ramsay Bolton continues to succeed at being a complete pain. He and his “20 good men” set fire to the food and weapon stores in camp Stannis. So much for guards, eh? Things are bleak in the camp, leaving Stannis to make hard decisions about how to continue his campaign to win the Iron Throne.

Daily Art 158-Today we celebrate!

It’s time for a new theme! It’s mecha, those lovely combinations of machine and humans. Or is it machines and cats? What about jerboa? or kangaroos? So many ideas…

Brandon: Did someone say cats? Because the Cat Box A24, Mark II is here! 
Sheala- A wolf in Sheep’s mecha!