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Daily Art 181- oh no! that nun is on the run!

Brandon- Tommy the robot helps Marty the dinosaur with the big stuff around the factory. He also likes a good joke every now and then.



Sheala- Zoe the platypus is the watcher of the water. The factory is surrounded by lakes and streams and Zoe heads up the Platypus Patrol who keeps the water safe for the PlaidWorks submarine network. Here we see her giving the tail wave signal for All Is Well.



Daily Art 180- Who you callin’ ‘fraidy?!

Brandon-Nick was always talking about weird sports, stuff like frisbee volleyball, basket baseball and of course, werewolf sprockets. Wanda never knew why he talked to her about this stuff, she didn’t even like real sports. There were circuit boards to build, the ‘bots always needed more boards.



Sheala- here we see Binky (pic. with George, Clyde and Sarah). One of the koala gardeners. They keep up the grounds and help grow the factory’s produce.


Daily Art 178-Time to celebrate!

It’s break day, but here’s a recent conversation we had:

Sheala: Hey DC! We got a Q to trade. Whatcha got?

Brandon: Do we want a Q?

Sheala: He’s all powerful and fun! You got room for one of those guys! Also we can throw in beaming technology. We just wanna borrow Batman for a while.

Also can we check out Superman’s Fortress?

Brandon: Um, Batman never returns any of our calls during the day.

Superman has a fortress?! That little…?!

Lex is interested in your beaming technology.

Also the Riddler is inquiring about the halo deck, for experiments.

Joker wants to know if Data can come out and play.

Sheala: Uh yea. The Fortress is sonic and crystal technology and we kinda run on that.

Sure Riddler can check it out he’ll have to wear a ID chip is all. Should we tell him about the safety protocols?

Data is always looking to make new friends. He’s totally cool with that. Worf says he wants to meet Aquaman. Something about a facial hair tips exchange.

Brandon: Aquaman can’t spend a lot of time outside, so…

Sheala: We got some water tech. No problem.

Brandon: Lex would also like to schedule a meeting with the Borg, to see about a mutually  benefical alliance.

Sheala: Also we got a couple of doctors would love to chat with Harlequin.

Uh. Wait. Sorry. That Borg thing is a deal breaker. No way. End transmission.

Brandon: The Joker says he’ll set the safety protocols after checking out the bridge. Something about “new toys”.

Sheala: Hello? Uh. Yea. We are not negotiable on the Borg thing. So tell the Joker sorry!

Brandon: He insists!

Sheala: Fine fine. Tell him he has to wear a red shirt. We’ll meet him on the planet surface.

So. We’re totally gonna make this Saturday’s post right?

Brandon: Hee hee, ok!

Daily Art 177-I miss the number eleven!

Brandon-This is Marty, the dinosaur mechanic. With his custom designed extenders and their interchangeable heads, there’s nothing he can’t move or fix in the factory. Except the really small stuff, that’s for the mice.

Sheala- Here’s Sergeant Moe. He’s Jeri’s number one. He’s is charge of the new recruits. This is day one of wing camp, where monkeys decide if they are cut out to be the Winged Monkey Patrol.da177-s

Daily Art 175-drawing makes you feel alive

Sheala- Roscoe the Ring-tailed lemur one of the tunnel engineers. The factory engineer team is pretty extensive and there’s lots of lemurs. They are smart and have great dexterity! Today Roscoe is checking in on the new construction of Tunnel 36c.


Brandon-The lobby is oddly empty. There’s just a long desk, a small bear, a strange piece of art, an a weird door guarded by cockatiel named TD. The bear buzzes you in, while TD makes sure you don’t do anything bad strange. Don’t cross TD, ok? Just lift the velvet rope and go through the door.


Daily Art 174- let’s go look on the factory floor

Brandon-  Oh sorry, forgot to mention Ollie the troll. He lives out by the bridge on the road to the factory. But he does troll badly, which is good! Instead of living under the bridge, he lives above it, in the trees. He smiles a lot and waves as the hoomans go by. He’s not sure what he’s supposed to do with the big club, but he’s seen other trolls with them, so figures he should have one too. Surely one day, it’s use and importance will be made clear! In the meantime, it’s resemblance to a carrot is soothing, because he loves carrots. What? He’s a troll, of course he’s monstrous in some way!



Sheala- this is Jim the Jerboa. He’s the top communications tech. He also likes to tinker around with drones and robots.


Daily Art 173-Look in the factory, tell us what you see!

Sheala: Kiki the Kitten is the factory mascot. as a cute adorable kitten, she wanders around meowing and cheering folks up. She’s very good at it.da173-s

Brandon: You must be careful when approaching the Factory. Grumpy sheep with wooly mohawks roam the grounds, eating grass and looking for unauthorized hoomans or Poo minions. Behind the factory is a small lake, because who doesn’t like fresh water? Dr. Poo, that’s who! He’s forever trying to foul up the water with garlic flavored soda, broccoli ice cream and onion milk. The sheep help keep him and his minions at baaaaaay!


Daily Art 172- what if your pinky toe just grew and grew?

We join War turtle in his office and overhear this snippet of conversation:

“War Turtle approves of this, but not of Raspberry sherbet!”

Which is then followed by this:

you hear a dim flapping of wings…

:an envelope is dropped on your desk:

“Who dares to DROP an envelope on the Great War Turtle’s magnificient desk?!”

Hello Sir! In an effort to continue the forward scheduling of Daily Art Topics, please expect discussion shortly…Regards- secretary mouse to Arts and Culture Badger

“War Turtle expects nothing except the glory of combat in the office cafeteria!”


Somehow the new topic became Plaidworks characters, those wonderful creatures that work in the imagination factory int he mountains.  War Turtle ponders this as he reminisces on recent portraits of himself.

Brandon: Down in the valley, where the city rests and the hoomans do whatever it is they do, the pigs run a tour service of the PlaidWorks factory. It’s always a bit messy waiting for the hoomans to get aboard, but pigs love the change of pace and seeing people in their natural habitat. And they make very good iced tea!


Sheala: Weavil the Rat is a spy of Doctor Poo. He thinks he’s cleverly disguised but everyone in the Plaidworks factory knows. They treat him like he belongs so one day he might decide he likes Plaidworks better…