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Daily Art 88- it’s not haunted, just open the gate…

Hello Traveler- Join us in our new topic. Colorful Mythology. Here’s how it happened…

Sheala: Arts and Culture Badger has put forth a proposal for the next topic. It includes mythology (old/new/made up). Or color (abstract or not).

Brandon: Chaos and Mayhem Gremlin mythology is the way to go, with splashes of color in there.

Sheala Bacon: Colorful mythology? Badger accepts your treatise and will draw up the paperwork.


Sheala: Dude we just drafted at the same time! [re: today’s new topic]

Brandon: whaaaaa… Then you do today, I’ll switch mine to tomorrow

Sheala: Ok. I’ll add our convo in as well

Brandon: Your brilliance shines like a thousand eyes in the darkest of night!

Sheala: Both poetic and creepy. I commend you. Onward into that dark portal sir!

Brandon: In Slavic folkloreBaba Yaga is a supernatural being (or one of a trio of sisters of the same name) who appears as a deformed and/or ferocious-looking woman. Baba Yaga flies around in a mortar, wields a pestle, and dwells deep in the forest.


Sheala: The Shoggoth. From Cthulhu Mythology. By definition it manifests the organs and appendages needed, at any time, out of its amorphous body. I suggest we run since this one has developed a mouth.

What Doreen thinks-Helix episode: “Plan B”

Doreen happy mugshotDoreen here again, telling you what’s what with the crazy a-holes I used to work with. I’m dead now, killed off in season one by Sergio for no good reason, other than being smart and having a personality. Screw you Serg.
I’m gonna skip over the testing of the poisonous gas on a monkey, ’cause really who needs to relive that? All we need to know is that there’s gas, it kills everything it touches and military is getting lots of it. But what the fuck does this show have against monkeys? Also don’t give the military all the barrels! Seriously it’s in a liquid that turns into a gas so it’s like 10 times as much as we see! It belongs in an Indiana Jones warehouse!

Look at all these neat containers!

Look at all these neat containers!

Fear Names!

Naturally the announcement that the Walking Dead spinoff will be called Fear the Walking Dead prompted riffing!

Brandon: Fear the Walking Dead

Sheala: Right?

Brandon: why not Poke the Walking Dead? Or Tickle TWD? Jesus

Sheala: Yell at the walking dead about God!!

Brandon: Better call Merle

Sheala: Ha!

Take Photos of the Walking Dead for the Calendar.

Picnic with the walking dead!

Brandon: Beauty & The Walking Dead

Sheala: The Cat and the Hat and the Walking Dead

Brandon: Star Wars VII: The Walking Dead Awakens

The Golden Dead Girls

Sheala: Avengers: Age of the Walking Dead

Heh. Golden girls

Brandon: Little Walker on the Prairie  Sheala: Heh

Pulp Walking dead

Brandon: TWD of Hazzard

Sheala: Wahahahajabaha. Like that car commercial

Edited to add further deep conversation about this important subject:

Sheala: Baking with The Walking Dead? Iron Dead Chef!

Ferris Beuller’s Dead Day off.

Brandon: Bwahahaha! Hell’s Kitchen indeed

All in the Dead Family

Sheala: Heh. With the same recliner


Dealing with THOSE new zombies eating in the same neighborhood

dead Friends

MASH set in the zombie war

Sheala: Heh. That could work sort of zombie land mash

Driving Miss Dead

Brandon: 2001: A Zombie Odyssey

Sheala: Wahahahajabaha

Brandon: Whole new meaning to Miracle pn 34th Street

Sheala: Hahaha! Also Rosebud is now an ax!

Brandon: OMG