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Agent Carter! Episode 8-Valediction

We open with the band back together! The radio show must go on! That nifty narration of the story of Captain America seems to be in it’s last episode as it tells the story of Steve’s descent into an ocean..

Carter and Thompson are talking to the city cop of the movie massacre case, who’s explaining how there were no survivors and the scene looks like a monster attack. They walk in and look at the bodies. Carter says, ‘a monster didn’t kill these people, they killed each other.’ Meanwhile Sousa scampers to the baby carriage, touches the evidence, finds it empty, then keeps touching stuff at the crime scene and nabs the gas canister off the ground. With the push of a button, he gets a noseful of the stuff and coughs and sputters, until Thompson comes to help. He turns to Thomson and starts madly choking him.

Sousa get's ready to go nuts!

Sousa get’s ready to go nuts!