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Day 14, leaving the scene!

Brandon: Something more serious minded, ’cause I made the mistake of reading a news story about George Zimmerman getting arrested again instead of just glancing at the headline. Beware that trap!


Sheala: “the Mouscaneers, gather their fleet on the Great Plains see and set off for adventure.”


Day 12, into the sketchbooks we delve!


Brandon: Dr. Frankenmouse and his assistant Migor.


Sheala: Buddy, Cindy, Granny, Spot and Mr Jones and their evil twins.

(I was wondering what it takes to turn the ordinary, into the villainous. Seems to be more pointy bits, frowny angles and beady eyes!)


Day 11, what do you think Kevin?


“Calling all agents, calling all C.U.T.E agents, we have a case against D.O.G.”

Sheala says: Can I make cute villainous? No, no I can not. But I can pit cute against villain and so this sketch. Which I have no doubt will return in my art life again. Soon. Hopefully, I’ll figure out what those acronyms stand for by then.

PS- that’s a pygmy marmoset, a pygmy Japanese flying squirrel, a dwarf rabbit, a jerboa and a pygmy hedgehog.



Brandon mumbles: Ok, this had no pirates, ninjas, aliens or villains in it, which is the theme of the theme. But I was inspired by the artwork of Erik D. Martin, so there you go. I suppose you could say the mice in the sketch are villains, but mice can’t be villains, so whatchgonnado?


Who does the Kevin in the title refer to? A minion, of course!

Day 8- Is it too late?

Brandon: More simple lines and forms, with a touch of hatching to give volume. I like the idea of pirate turtle wandering the earth. I’m using a Pigma Brush Pen for the thick lines, it’s unwieldy beast to control!

Day-008DAs8Sheala says: “waiting and watching are the hardest part.’

I like ink, pens usually and I like playing with stroke quality and texture. I think i would have watercolored this if it was going past the sketch stage, but instead I played with creating a darker background with line.



Meet Agent Carter!

Agent Carter

Tonight we got to visit with the fabulous Agent Carter again!

She’s still getting over the loss of Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, who is now chilling at the bottom of the arctic. Also she helped save to world and now the boys in the office want her to… file the paperwork. BORIIIIING!

And we get to peek in at Howard Stark aka dad of Iron Man, though it’s 1946 and he’s not born yet. Stark behavior runs in the family and Howie is in front of congress defending himself against treasonous acts of selling weapons.

Day Seven, it’s not a boy name Kevin!

Sheala: “Joe thought, I’ll get my revenge on the spiders! This mecha is just the thing!”

(I’m enjoying the ambiguity of this drawing since spiders and flies are both villainous)



Brandon: boy ninjas vs girl ninjas. Why? Because. Also, getting back to my love of simple forms and think lines.


Day Six! Look, more pics!


Brandon: I have a…thing…for the Moon program. No worries, I’m in therapy for it! But drawings of the ships and stuff from that era just pop out sometimes. I call this “Houston we have a problem” hee hee.


Sheala says: The Mars pirates, unfurled their solar sails to charge and set off to discover their Earthly cousins, the so-called Oct-O-Pi.