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Day, 23 later we stop for tea!

Sheala: This was the first launch. They watch from the hill. Some of their tech was in that glider. It was the hydroelectrics division that would give it the send off though.



Brandon: Gus likes to be alone in the tower, watching all the dials, pushing the buttons. Though he often calls Mr. Wilkins on the vidphone.



Day 21- having fun!

Sheala- Victor made good use of his steampunk helper devices while working in the chemistry lab. He was hoping to invent rechargeable batteries for micro devices.



Brandon-We’ve been here a while and Mr. Wilkins the III has been with us from the beginning


Day 20, steampunk aplenty!

Sheala- Joe and Brenda sometimes visit the observation tower to see how things are flowing down the hydroelectric pathways.



Brandon: So we spend the wheels, pull the levers, click the buttons and fix what breaks.


Day 19- feelin’ squeaky clean




Brandon: After we landed, it was the monkeys who turned the ball into square, built our home in the machine. The humans said we were terrafarming, before they disappeared.


Sheala: Though it is a steam based society, we sometimes have a fox, Aggie, generate an extra jolt of power. Freddie reads him stories while he runs.


Day 18, back off the beam!

Sheala: Captain Whiskers readies his ship.

















Brandon: It’s said that we came to this planet in a giant metal ball, bathed in smoke and fire as it descended towards the surface.IMG_7854.JPG


Agent Carter Episode 3, Time and Tide!

Jarvis looking pensive.

Jarvis looking pensive.

Rules are made to be broken! Unless you live in a ladies hotel.

In roads are being made on the Stark and Roxxon implosion investigation. The SSR dudes found the nifty typewriter and they’ve figured out the dead bad guy from last week was named Leet Brannis. He was soldier that had supposedly died in WWII two years ago, yet here he is (was?) skulking about with some Howard Starks stolen ‘bad babies’.  Something majorly secret is going on, but how secret is unknown, as Brannis had his voice box removed, hence the strange scar at his throat.

No matter! Jarvis gets pulled downtown to be questioned about that pesky missing bumper from a car registered to Howard Stark that was found at the Roxxon implosion. During the questioning we (and Peggy!) learn that Jarvis was dishonorably discharged, along with charged with treason. What the hell dapper sidekick?! You can’t expect to be paling around with Captain America’s #1 fan with secrets like this! The agents threaten his wife’s quiet life in the states, while claiming his stolen car is a lie. Of course, we know it isn’t, but it’s all for the good cause!

So Agent Carter throws herself under the bus by blowing the agents out of the water and revealing to Jarvis that the stolen car report does exist. Pressure relieved, Jarvis goes home, while our favorite agent takes a tongue lashing from the boss. Now she has to pretend to be the dumb, brave office girl!

Politics at the ladies hotel are rife with turmoil and a overzealous overseer/warden. She nimbly kicks out the woman who dared to have a man come above the “first floor” aka her room! Meanwhile, Peggy blows off her diner friend, Angie, to avoid schnapps in favor of sleep, aka secret spy stuff. This annoys the heck out of Angie, who stalks off in a huff and there’s no aka needed for that!

So Peggy sneaks into the night to go with Jarvis to have a look at the broken in safe. They figure out that the thief, Mr. Brannis, floated his way with Stark tech down the sewers into a boat. While they are venturing down the tunnels, Jarvis reveals his treason was to help a young Jewish woman who needed help escaping the Nazi regime. He helped and was caught. Stark found him and used his influence to avoid a hanging and the woman he saved, Mrs. Jarvis. Captain America’s #1 fan heartily approves of this sort of treason and all is forgiven.

They see a boat with the magic symbol that Brannis drew as he died (as not being able to speak makes it hard to convey information) and go to investigate! Boxes of stolen Stark Tech are found! Peggy wants to call in the discovery when Jarvis rightly points out that if she does that, Stark’s name won’t be cleared and she’ll be implicated. Jarvis leaves to drop an anonymous tip, meanwhilePeggy gets ambushed by a big dude. Seriously, what does that guy eat, fresh Aquamen plucked daily from the sea?

Seriously, look at this guy, wth?

Seriously, look at this guy, wth?

Peggy nearly gets the drop on him, but well there’s that size problem! Luckily Jarvis arrives, back from doing a hilarious fake American accent while leaving a tip for the SSR team and together, with the help of some Stark Tech,  they manage to take the big bruiser down.

Size doesn't matter dude, Agent Carter is still putting you down!

Size doesn’t matter dude, Agent Carter is still putting you down!

The agents at the SSR office on night duty, Sousa and Krzeminski, come to check out the tip, find the loot and call in everyone. The Stark tech gets packed up for the lab. Agent Krzeminski and the big witness guy get in a car to go down to the station but get stopped by a train. Then a car rear ends them! The driver gets out and shoots Krzeminski and then the big witness guy, despite the latter begging for his life. Don’t work for people who run around stealing stuff!.

Now we have a lot of sad! The whole office is bummed out. The lady phone operators are bawling their eyes out. Chief Dooley is blustering about getting the man responsible and that man, he says, is Stark. Maybe he didn’t pull the trigger, but his traitorous activities got one of his agents killed and damnit, there’s going ot be hell to pay!

We end with Peggy going back to the diner to make up with Angie. And we get to see the softer side of Peggy, who cries over the death of a fellow agent, even if he was big jerk. Or maybe she’s crying cause she refused to cover the night shift for that guy and he died! Time will tell.

Notes added to the SHIELD portfolio:

Jarvis is the man. We knew it before, but now its official.

Peggy’s boarding room matron missed her calling as drill sergeant.

Removing a person’s larynx doesn’t prevent them from writing or drawing things. Take note secret evil organizations!

Having a drink with friends to unwind is fine, but please avoid schnapps.