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Helix, Episode 3: Scion-What Doreen thinks

Doreen mugshotHi! I’m Doreen. I was with a bunch of top notch CDC scientists sent to investigate a mysterious virus outbreak at an Arctic base (first season of Helix). Was doing good work, until some asshole named Sergio decided I was learning too much information and killed me. Then everything went to pieces with the team and all sorts of crazy stuff happened.

I’ve finally got my head back together, here in the afterlife and am checking up on my old friends.

Let’s see what they’ve been up to!

Day 30, look at the birdy

The new theme is “Funny Instructions”.

Brandon: Come on, you’ve always wondered what’s on his chest panel.


Sheala: 1- oops. forgot the theme memo. did one last steampunk!

2- Airships of the sea.


Day 29- yo Moe! lookin’ fine

Sheala: Thomas was working on something smaller. He found a way to harness power and save it. And he figured out how to send it in tiny lines of silver. He thought he could make the robots work better with his ‘silverpunk’.


Brandon: Tom, always ready to wirk. Or work!


Agent Carter takes names in The Blitzkrieg Button!

Agent Carter is in no mood for your crap.

Agent Carter is in no mood for your crap.

Peggy! Is nowhere to be seen! Instead we have Jarvis dealing with some thugs. And they are trying extort him. Only they don’t know it. Luckily Peggy gets the drop on a few and Jarvis knocks them out. With knock out gas! In a briefcase! The goods they were smuggling turn out to be a living room full of Howard Stark.

Day 26, look here’s more pics!

Brandon: Sally likes to sew and make things.



Sheala: Dr. Findlay was the 1st to solve the steam piston. He created a vehicle that absorbs moisture through its feet and converts it to steam to power the pistons in the legs. He enjoys his new horizons and affectionately calls the vehicle ‘Duckpunk’.


Day 25- come into the hive

Sheala says: Stitchpunk creatures often have small repairs. Lucky they are helpful.



Brandon: Brenda was forever working designs for toasters, in hopes of getting rid of the treacherous toaster oven.