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Thursday Tiny Tales: 15 words about the Zombie Dinosaur

Every Thursday, io9 posts an image and invites people to create a story about the image. They’ve also asked people to create fiction stories only six words in length.

We’re combining those two ideas and twisting them a for Thursday Tiny Tales. It’s short fiction of various length each week, based on the image from io9.

Here’s this week’s image, by artist B.R.Guthrie, from the original io9 post. Use exactly 15 words to tell the story of what’s happening with this zombie dinosaur.

Art by B.R.Guthrie.

Art by B.R.Guthrie.

Sheala’s story:

She waited in the cave. The thing couldn’t smell her. Would smaller prey pass by?

Brandon’s story:

Transfer complete, biosystems ravaged, but operative.

Tom’s new eyes opened and he began to run.

What’s yours? Post it in the comments